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Penrui Infrared Thermometer

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Penrui JRT200 Infrared Non-Contact Digital Thermometer

  • 99.9 Accurate -Temperature -Measurement
  • One second fast and -convenient -measurement
  • Non-Contact Ear or -Forehead -Measurement
  • Dual Mode
  • Infrared Sensor


Penrui JRT200 Infrared Non-Contact Digital Thermometer

-99.9 Accurate -Temperature -Measurement
-One second fast and -convenient -measurement
-Non-Contact Ear or -Forehead -Measurement
-Dual Mode
-Infrared Sensor

1. Adopts the latest infrared technology, it improves the accuracy of the digital thermometer.
2. Double mode, can be used to measure the temperature of human body and object surface.
3. Non-contact design, potentially reducing the spread of bacteria
Or infection, more hygienic. Avoid touch skin, conveniently measure baby’s temperature.
4. Only 1 second can measure the body temperature, Fast and accurate reading within 1 second.
5. High temp alarm, detects fever symptoms as soon as possible.
6. LCD display, easy to read.


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